Aga is a creator and founder of Commitment Academy, a comprehensive course that teaches women how to use femininity and standards to turn dating into committed relationship and marriage. She is often being introduced by satisfied clients as Femininity Coach, Relationship Mentor, Dating Tutor, Man Whisperer, and more.

She is a Public Speaker, and Gender Communication Specialist that teaches women how to use their femininity and standards to improve their communication and relationships with their male counterparts.

Aga has worked with over 500 clients who will all attest to the fact that their work with her has helped them (from singles to loving spouses) have more deeply fulfilling love lives. Aga is a dynamic and engaging teacher that has a genuine passion for helping women stand in the power of their femininity.

Aga has made it her life’s mission to make thriving relationships attainable to everyone.

When she’s not coaching clients, she’s creating couture fashion designs and handcrafted jewelry, cooking, or hanging out with her closet companions.


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